Emails can be made within MailChimp or created outside of MailChimp and imported.

Editing within MailChimp

As you're setting up a campaign, you'll get to the Template section. Choose the "Saved Templates" option. Choose the template that's appropriate for your content.

Saved Template

Hover over the content to see the editable sections.


Up-Down Arrows: Click and drag to rearrange the section

Plus Arrow: Click to repeat the section

Minus Arrow: Click to delete the section

Edit: Click to edit the section

The initial edit view is ideal for making simple text changes.


For further changes, it's often easiest to edit from the code view (click the <> icon).

Edit - Code

Editing outside of MailChimp

Emails written in MailChimp's template language make them editable in the MailChimp Editor

Getting Started with MailChimp's Template Language

How to Import a Custom HTML Template